InVision Studio

The world’s most powerful screen design tool ?

InVision Studio : The world’s most powerful screen design tool from InVision on Vimeo.

InVision Studio

InVision Studio is a new platform, inspired by the world’s best design teams. Design, prototype, and animate—all in one place.

Lightning-fast screen design

Jump right into the screen design process with InVision Studio’s intuitive vector-based drawing capabilities. With flexible layers and an infinite canvas, it’s easy to turn ideas into powerful design.

Responsive by design

Studio’s best-in-class layout engine lets you quickly and easily design, adjust, and scale your vision to fit any screen or layout automatically.

Rapid prototyping

Create fluid interactions and high-fidelity prototypes faster than ever—and then preview your work directly within Studio.

Advanced motion for more emotion

Frictionless screen animations get you to the fine-tuning stage faster. Animation isn’t an extra process—it happens directly in Studio as you design.

Teamwork with less work

InVision’s Design System Manager guarantees instant access to your team’s global shared component libraries, ensuring consistency and manageability at scale.

Collaboratively connected

Studio’s connection to the entire InVision platform means instant collaboration for your whole team. From start to finish, you’re working together better than ever before.

Open-ended possibilities

Studio’s public API lets users create apps and kits to extend the design experience, all available through an InVision-supported storefront.